Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are You Going To San Francisco?

Why, yes I am.

I flew up to San Francisco this afternoon. I am here all the way through next Saturday morning for a conference. The conference is about nerdy stuff, so I won't bore you with it on this blog (it is called JavaOne if you are particularly interested).

My room in my hotel is on the 29th floor, which should make for some interesting times if we have an earthquake while I am here. The upside of being this high is that I can't hear much of the city noise (ever notice that downtown San Francisco is super noisy?) and I have a pretty good view.

Here is a shot of the Moscone Convention Center, where the conference is. This is actually from the window in my room, so I get to look down on the conference all week (in the physical sense, not just in the intellectual sense as I will be doing that anyway!).

This shot is from a window in the hallway on the 29th floor, if you look closely you can see AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play baseball, oh and of course San Francisco Bay.

Unfortunately I started coming down with flu symptoms Friday, probably due to the lack of sleep last week preparing for the exam I took Friday afternoon. Today I still seem to be heading downhill in terms of symptoms. A long week ahead for sure.

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